Mission, Values, and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission statement is largely the same one that we were founded with in 1989.

The Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railway Museum, Inc., is a non-profit organization established in 1989 to acquire, preserve, and restore the operation of narrow gauge railroads and equipment which operated in the Sheepscot Valley and on other roads and to establish a Museum for the display of artifacts for enlightenment and education of the general public concerning the social and economic impact of railroads on the communities served.

Our Values

The following Values statement was generated after a survey was sent to the membership in 2015.  After all the results came back, they were reviewed and compiled into the following statements.  You can review the Survey Results Report if you wish to (requires a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat).

The WW&F Railway Museum values Maine’s History and the role the WW&F played in that history. The remnants, stories, and memories of the original railway and those who had the foresight to preserve them have inspired us to recreate the railway as a tribute to that history.

We value authenticity, so we strive to recreate the original railway’s form and function as closely as possible.

We value knowledge so we offer opportunities to learn new skills and encourage volunteers and visitors to share information with others.

We value the responsibility our members, supporters, and friends have entrusted to us; therefore we endeavor to follow through and complete all established projects.

We value enthusiasm, cooperation, honesty, and openness among our members;  we enjoy the level of camaraderie and community for which we are known.

Our Vision

The following Vision statement was generated by the Vision and Strategy Committee and adopted by the Board of Directors in  August 2019. It is meant to present a context by which the organization’s Mission and Values can be achieved.

By offering transportation that employs historically significant equipment and practices, the reconstructed WW&F Railway provides context needed to understand how this railroad has supported the culture, economy, and communities of the Sheepscot Valley in the past, and how it can continue to do so in an authentic manner.

Further, the WW&F Railway Museum maintains an archival library to serve as a public access hub of conservation for the museum and for partnering organizations.

Rebuilding Maine History