Building Steam Challenge

Build 11 – May Update: Challenge Accepted

Building Steam: $50,000 Challenge Accepted!

Friends —We are thrilled to announce a 100% match of all donations up to a total of $25,000 between now and October 31, 2021.  Made possible by a generous anonymous donor, this unprecedented opportunity will allow us to not only reach our 2021 fundraising goal of $50,000 for the Build 11 Project, but to exceed it. Then it’s full steam ahead to the construction of No.11!

That’s right — for each dollar donated by our members and friends, this wonderful person will add a dollar to his donation, effectively doubling your donation!

We’ll keep you updated each month on the progress towards the $50,000 challenge.

To take advantage of this 1:1 match, visit to donate electronically or send a check with “Build 11” in the memo line to the WW&F Railway Museum. P.O. Box 242, Alna, ME 04535.

Meanwhile this week, the No. 11 engineering team is at Sheepscot in person. They are working in the shop to fabricate approximately 30 components for the rear frame extension of No. 11. They are using the flanging machine as a brake, to form angles on these parts. These items are heavy gauge steel and will require heating prior to bending. In addition, the team will also form several components for the new Jackson & Sharp-pattern trucks for Coach No. 9.
Videographer Steve Hussar has planned to be on hand on Wednesday to record this activity on video, which should be up for viewing. Still photos will be posted here as well as on the WW&F discussion site:

This drawing shows No. 11’s rear frame. This week the angled pieces in the corners of the rear frame are being formed, including the four long pieces that form an “X” in the center.

No 7 Builder's Plate Remake

We  have also started a raffle, with the prize being one of the bronze replica builder’s plates. These replica plates are offered to donors who send us $1,100 or more in one check. For members and friends who can’t afford that amount, this is an opportunity to own a plate. Tickets are available online at or in person at the Sheepscot gift shop. Tickets are $11 for one or two for $20. The drawing will take place on the Saturday of the Fall Work Weekend, Oct. 9th.