Build11 Builder's Plate Raffle

Builder’s Plate Raffle Tickets now ON SALE!

If you think you might really like to have a replica of WW&F No. 7’s Baldwin builder’s plate, but you don’t have $1,100 to get one, have we got a deal for you!

Starting today, and continuing through Saturday, Oct. 9 (the WW&F’s Fall Work Weekend), you can buy raffle tickets for a chance to own the very first plate produced. No, it’s not the only known surviving original, but the first replica turned out by Cattail Foundry exclusively for the Build 11 Project.

Raffle tickets go on sale today for a mere $11 each, or two for $20. You can buy your tickets at the WW&F Gift Shop, by mail order, or on-line. On Saturday, October 9, we’ll hold a drawing, and some lucky person will own the plate. A second drawing that same day will award a second prize, a 3-D printed, 5-inch diameter copy of No. 7’s builder’s plate.

Get your raffle ticket at:

Today’s announcement corresponds with what would have been the 2021 WW&F Spring Work Weekend. The drawing will occur during the 2021 WW&F Fall Work Weekend.

PS: We have some REALLY BIG news coming within the next two weeks. Stay tuned…