3D Model of the lead truck for WW&F locomotive #11

Build 11 – April Update

Positive things continue to happen for No. 11.

The No. 11 engineering team has devoted considerable time in the last month to the lead truck of No. 11, verifying plans and drawings in advance of making the necessary patterns to cast several key components.  The wheels for the lead truck were cast several years ago and are already completed.

Last week, a substantial number of custom-cut steel components were delivered to Sheepscot. All are stored in the container until needed. They join a stash of stock steel parts received last month.

Shop Annex for storage of steel stock.

In late June, we expect delivery of a 12 X 24-foot shed, to be placed next to the shop. Inside, racks will be positioned to store the steel stock currently in the container. In addition, several storage bin systems now located at several places in the shop will be consolidated. These will bring nuts and bolts, rivets, pipe fittings and so forth in a central location. We will also move rarely used items out from underfoot and out of various corners of the shop into this space. We’re calling it “the shop annex.” The structure will be placed in an area recently prepared with a gravel base, and is skid mounted so it can be moved elsewhere around Sheepscot as necessary.

During May, the engineering team plans to meet in person at Sheepscot for several days of intensive work, making about 30 components for the rear frame extension for No. 11. This is in preparation for beginning the assembly phase of the rear frame later this year. This work involves heating the parts, and using our flanging machine, making precise bends. If time allows, the team will also form several parts for the new trucks for No. 11.

Builders Plate Reproductions

Our fund-raising for 2021 for No. 11 is nearing the 20% mark, although we still have some distance to go to reach the $50,000 goal. Here’s an idea — if you received a stimulus check, perhaps you could see your way to donate some of that money to No. 11. You’ll certainly stimulate the fund raising if you do!

Keep in mind that if you can donate $110 or more, you are eligible to received a 5-inch diameter 3-D printed version of WW&F No. 7’s Baldwin builder’s plate, and if by chance you can afford $1100 or more in one donation, we will be thrilled to send you a full-size brass replica of No. 7’s Baldwin plate. (We still have a couple of the first run of the brass plates, and we can easily secure more, so step right up.)

Finally, be sure to check https://www.facebook.com/WWFRailway on Saturday, April 24, for a special announcement concerning No. 11.