3D Model of #11's cylinder half-saddle casting

Build 11 – March Progress Report!

The purchase order for the cylinder half-saddle castings, the largest and most expensive parts of No. 11, was forwarded to Dakota Foundry of Webster, South Dakota, on Feb. 24, and the folks at Dakota have already started work. They provided the solidification models for us within a week, and their pattern maker has begun the task of producing the multiple complex patterns and core boxes necessary to manufacture the two identical casting. When completed, in three months or so, they will be shipped to Maine for final machining.

Lodge and Shipley lathe

In other news, the large Lodge and Shipley lathe was delivered and positioned in the shop on March 3. The Cincinnati-Bickford radial drill press, which had been moved into the shop in late February has been wire brushed and cleaned, and it has received its first coat of machinery gray paint.

Several other machines were slightly repositioned to increase the available work spaces. The next step is setting up the smaller Monarch lathe.

The container dedicated to storing parts for No. 11 is temporarily housing the 20 new wheels recently received from McKees Rocks Forgings in Pennsylvania. Looks like a third container will soon be needed!

train wheels

We have received an order we placed for steel stock to be used as needed for No. 11, which is also stored in the container. Another order, from a different vendor, should arrive soon. This order includes a number of pre-cut pieces for specific uses on No. 11. And the water-jet cut steel should be shipped from New York soon as well.

Finally, our 2021 FundRazr, at last count, had brought in over $6,200. Again, we emphasize that we need to keep the funds flowing if we are going to move this project forward. A number of WW&F members and friends have committed to monthly donations or $11 or $22, and that keep the funds moving, but our target of $50,000 this year is a steep climb.

Can you help us?
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And remember the two premiums we have.
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Builders Plate Reproductions