Build 11 – February Update

It’s been a quiet month since our last report, but things are happening to move the project along. In the first month of the 2021 FundRazr for No. 11, we are just shy of $3,000. So now we need a little more than $47,000 to reach our goal. We aren’t shy — we’re asking for donations! If we are to make this happen, we need donations large and small.

Pictured here are two 3-D renderings of the frame components of No. 11, provided by Dave Roche.3D Model - Frame and Running Gear


Just the other day, the first 10 replica builder’s plates were packaged up and mailed out to the folks who have contributed $1,100 or more. We still have six more plates on hand, and of course we can always get more made. If you’d like to have one, send us your donation of $1,100 (or more) in one check or online contribution and we’ll get one out to you.No 7 Builder's Plate Remake


WW&F member Russ Nelson has come up with another premium idea. He is offering a 5-inch diameter plastic resin replica of WW&F No. 7’s builder’s plate produced on his 3-D printer to the next 110 people who contribute $110 to the build 11 Project. Select this “perk” at and Russ will make one for you and send it to you.

No 7 Mini Builder's Plate Plastic

In other news, the radial drill press and the new to us Lodge & Shipley lathe are scheduled to be positioned in the shop this week. We have to wait a bit to use either machine until our electrician can come by to wire them in to the shop’s electrical system. The three-phase generator has finally had its new water pump installed, so it’s ready to go.

The engineering team has been reviewing the final quote for the patterns for the cylinder half-saddles, and as long as everything adds up, a purchase order is to be issued in the next few days. We are also ordering steel from two vendors. From one, we will receive various shapes and sections cut to order, while the other vendor will provide stock in standard profiles and lengths for us to cut to fit as needed. This steel purchase provides all the stock material necessary to complete the first three phases of the Build 11 project!

Finally, the main frames for No. 11 have been placed in the cradle to give us more floor space in the container. (shown here.)

Main Frames in Storage