10 + 11 = 21!

In early May last year, we announced the “21 Campaign” to raise $130,000 for the construction of two new locomotive boilers — a replacement needed for our WW&F #10, and one for planned locomotive #11, a reconstruction of the original railway’s #7, a 28-ton 2-4-4T forney built in 1907 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works.

Now, a little over 10 months later, the 21 Campaign has raised over $75,000 — 58% of our goal!

As donations have been received, we have been able to:
— Restore a 2-ton Allen deep throat riveter to operation;
— Complete the boiler designs and receive approval by the ASME;
— Order and receive the boiler plate for both boilers;
— Complete waterjet cutting of the plates at Aquacut, Inc., of Lakeland, NY;
— Complete rolling of the boiler shells, fire box, smoke box and other curved pieces at Mack Brothers Boiler and Sheet Irons Works in NY;
— Construct a new Beatty Flanging Machine, based on a 1937 design; and
— Complete many other items needed to restore #10 to service and build new locomotive #11!

And all that was in 2016, along with many other Museum projects big (new turntable!) and small, and all while running a railroad for our guests, including attendees of the National Narrow Gauge Convention!

For the latest 21 Campaign progress reports, please see our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/wwandf21campaign/

And to learn more about our campaign and to donate, please visit our Fundrazr page at https://fundrazr.com/21campaign

Every contribution, big and small helps us get #10 back to service and build #11!

Watch your money go up in smoke!