Car Shop Extension

The Project

Our museum wished to be able to put most of its rolling stock under cover and expand work space. In 2008, the Museum won the Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts' H. Albert Webb Grant, which gives $10,000 each year to a New England-related railroad project. This, with some additional support from the Museum's members, enabled the Museum to begin building a 30-foot extension to the first 3 bays car shop, thus restoring the original profile of the shop building.

After acquiring the necessary building permits from the Town of Alna, work began on the extension around June, 2008. The big doors for Bay 1 and 3 were removed, and the opening boarded up. The wall at the end of Bay 2 was removed and the opening boarded up. Rails were put down at the proper level, conduit was run, and gravel and stone was put down to allow for the proper level of concrete.

In late September, the concrete floor was poured. Wall framing began in October, steel I-beams for the second floor support were placed at the end of the month, and second floor work began in November. The roof was completed and shingled before the first snow fell in mid-December. Windows, wall sheathing and doors were completed during the winter and spring of 2009.

Details on the project can be found here.

Project leader was Zack Wyllie.

Project Photos

Boarding of all 3 walls is complete. January 19, 2009, after 15 inches of snow.
Walls done
The east wall was boarded and work is proceding on the south wall. January 3, 2009
Boarded wall
The east slope of the roof has been shingled. The west slope was boarded over. November 29, 2008
Shingled roof
A view of the south wall of the extension. November 29, 2008
South wall
Roof rafters and knee-walls are visible, along with the south wall's staging. November 22, 2008
The second floor stringers are in the process of going up. October 25, 2008
The project from another angle. October 25, 2008
A close-up of the steel I-beams, which will make the extended shop area a very open place. October 25, 2008
East wall of the extension has been framed. October 13, 2008
Shop extension underway
West wall of the extension has been framed. Lumber for the wall framing and roof is stacked and ready to be used. October 13, 2008
Shop extension underway
Concrete has been poured for the foundation, with rails embedded in the concrete. October 5, 2008
Concrete poured
The sub-foundation, rails, and rebar is ready for concrete to be poured. September 13, 2008
Ready for concrete
The shop extension preparation is underway. Rails and the grounds are being prepared for pouring of concrete for the floor. July 15, 2008
Shop extension underway

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