Plans for New Steam Locomotive #11

The planned WW&F No. 11, based on the same design as the original WW&F No. 7. Image from
How she will look.

The Original No. 7

Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railway No. 7 was a 28-ton 2-4-4T forney built in 1907 in Philadelphia by the Baldwin Locomotive Works (Construction No. 31692). The locomotive served the railway faithfully for many years before being severely damaged in a roundhouse fire at Wiscasset. The damaged locomotive was scrapped in 1937.

As work has progressed on the restoration of No. 9, our volunteers started pondering what would be their next major project after No. 9 returns to service. Their thoughts turned to recreating one of the WW&F Railway's other locomotives, but which one? Ultimately, they chose to build a replica of No. 7.

The "Build 11" Project

In keeping with the tradition of giving new motive power the next available consecutive number, this all-new engine will become WW&F Railway No. 11. While the main part of the project will begin after No. 9 is completed, the effort to "build 11" has already begun. The scale and scope of the job necessitated ramping up the design process, and building several components in tandem with the restoration of No. 9.

So far several castings have been completed for No. 11. Details of the work completed so far can be found here.

A separate website has also been created to track the progress of No. 11 and to aid in fundraising --

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