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The WW&F: Sheepscot Station

Milepost 4.7

Sheepscot Station was the first station on the railroad north of Wiscasset. It served southern Alna, and the community of Sheepscot just a mile away on the other side of the Sheepscot River in Newcastle. During the early and later years of the railroad, Sheepscot was a flag stop, i.e. the train only stopped if someone flagged it down. In between it became an agent station, with a small freight shed and a team track on the west side. The station burned in the mid-1920's and was replaced by the Sheepscot section building which was about two miles to the south.

With the rebirth of the railroad in the 1990's, Sheepscot became the center point of activity. Here was built a replica of the original station, an engine house/car shop, and a small yard. Eventually a replica of the Weeks Mills freight shed was built, the section building that had served as a station was returned, and a machine shop was added.

The station as it was in 1901. The morning train from Albion is stopping to pick up a number of passengers. WW&F Railway Museum collection
Old station
The station as rebuilt, in 1994. This station building has become a sort of crew room for the volunteers. Photo courtesy of John McNamara.
New station
The original section building, residing at the Museum at the north end of the yard. It has resumed its purpose as a section building. Photo courtesy of Bruce Wilson.
Section building

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