W. W. & F. Museum Events of October, November & December, 2012

Track: During the Fall Work Weekend, track crews ran the "Big Joe" tamper on sections of track.

Albion Day: November 6 was Albion Day. The track was worked on.

Victorian Christmas: Another record-setting crowd of over 1100 enjoyed free train rides to visit Santa Clause.

Locomotive #9: The driver bearings were trued, requiring some work to the large lathe to remove slop, and also requiring the addition of some counter-counter-weights to offset the counter-weights. The frame was also painted, and additional work was done on the frame, shoes, and wedges.

Grounds: In late November our contractor spent a few days working in what will become the "north yard", grading down the area and pushing dirt around. The area will ultimately contain a small car storage shed, a 3-stall roundhouse, coal storage, and some outdoor storage tracks. Also some gravel was delivered for the entrance to the future parking lot.

Restrooms: On the exterior, the battens were installed. Interior, the building was piped, then insulated with foam board and blown-in foam. Sheetrocking started the last Saturday of the year.

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