W. W. & F. Museum Events of July, August & September 2013

#9: A quartering machine was constructed to start quartering one of the pins on the driver of the locomotive. Also cast iron sheets were ordered (from the UK) which will eventually be taken through a process to turn them into something that looks like Russia Iron....

Equipment: Tire work was completed on the Hudson Bros. trailer, and modifications began to put track on the trailer. The Kubota excavator and a donated Tow-motor forklift arrived. The Kubota is in decent shape, and was tested out by doing some grading. The forklift doesn't work, but ideas are circulating to turn it into another tamper.

The Museum also took possession of two riveters and a rolling machine.

Percival House: Prep began in July for pouring concrete in the basement, by removing many items and putting in a spacer for a drainage channel around the side. The concrete was poured in early August, sealed, and then the basement was used for a yard sale during the Annual Picnic, to benefit Locomotive #9's restoration.

Garage: With the addition of all this road equipment to our collection, attention has turned to building a garage to house much of it. Surveying was done in August, with concrete poured in late September.

Grounds: Mowing was done by ROWMOW 1 and by volunteers with strimmers.

Events: We held the second Ice Cream Social the first weekend of July, the Annual Picnic in mid-August, and the Fall Festival the last Saturday of September. Each were well attended, in fact train ridership has done very well this year.

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