W. W. & F. Museum Events of July, August & September 2012

#9: Work to unite the forward and rear frames with each other and the boiler continued. Work began on tramming, shoes and wedges.

Rolling Stock: The Big Joe tamping machine underwent additional modification, which gave it hydraulic operation of some functions.

Work began on a rail-mounted crane car. The car was originally a standard gauge car that arrived at the Museum several years ago, was dismantled and the project languished after that. The parts were taken home by volunteer Mike Fox, who has regauged it and has started to reassemble it.

Grounds: Crews mowed ROW in July and August.

Groundwork was finalized for the restroom building, including the digging of a trench for utilities and water. The pad was poured in August. Nearly immediately after that, the building was framed, the walls put up, and the roof was built and shingled.

A local contractor installed a culvert on Cross Rd for the entrance to the parking lot in September.

Volunteers surveyed the area north and east of the Percival House for grading later this year, which will be where a turntable, roundhouse, and car storage area will go. The ground in the area is high, so we may not need much extra fill to be brought in.

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