W. W. & F. Museum Events of April, May and June 2013

Restrooms: The restrooms are open! Final plumbing, electrical, and landscaping occurred; with the restrooms first getting used in mid-June.

Track: The Spring Work Weekend saw work on Davis Grade and the southern end of Cockeye Curve. Track was jacked, tamped, and lined. Meanwhile in Sheepscot Yard, work began on laying out/planning the "north yard" extension which will include a car storage barn.

Locomotive 9: Cylinders, running gear, crossheads, and other driving gear received attention. It became apparent that one of the driving wheels is from another locomotive, as the dimensions don't quite add up to what they should be to make for smooth running. The decision (after some research) was made to build a quartering machine to deal with the issue.

Buildings & Grounds: Sheepscot Station's west wall clapboards were removed, revealing some rot from water splashing from the roof. The wall was repaired during the Spring Work Weekend. The remainder of the station, the freight shed, and the car shop all received coats of paint. The grounds overall got a pretty good cleanup.

New Equipment: The museum received a used John Deere tractor and a used Hudson Bros trailer, and bought a used small Kubota excavator. The tractor is usable as-is, the trailer needs new brakes and tires (12 of them!) and the excavator is of unknown quality.

Car 103: Car 103 received a new roof thanks to some volunteers from Texas.

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