W. W. & F. Museum Events of April, May and June 2012

Car 65: The car was finished, was run in a special freight on June 9, then put on a trailer and moved to Wiscasset, by the Creamery pier. The car was filled with displays, including a glassed-off area. A grand opening was held on July 4.

Track: The Spring Work Weekend saw work on Cockeye Curve, and on track between Alna Center and Albee's Crossing. Track was jacked, tamped, and lined. Additional work was done by crews on other weekends. On the Sunday of the Work Weekend, a crew laid 30 feet of track in Wiscasset, where Car 65 would be resting.

Locomotive 9: The forward frame was partially united with the smokebox, and fully united with the rear frame; the rear frame and rear of the boiler were attached as well. Work on the cab of the engine began, with paint getting removed.

Buildings & Grounds: Work began on the restroom, by digging out for the foundation.

Mower car: A mower car, constructed by volunteer Mike Fox, arrived at the Museum, and was immediately put to use trimming the grass on the immediate side of the track.

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