W. W. & F. Museum Events in 2010

Track work: The "Big Joe" tamper made more appearances this year, thanks to a donated refurbished trailer-mounted Lindsay air compressor which was mounted on the back of the tamper car. This allowed more jacking and tamping track work to take place in the summer. At the spring work weekend, a collapsing culvert was replaced then track on "the Ladder" was jacked and tamped. At the fall work weekend, light rail on the first quarter mile was replaced with heavier rail, and most of a switch was installed in the yard. This new switch will lead to a new car storage shed and a roundhouse.

Rolling stock: Locomotive 51 had running gear and engine work during the winter.

The Railcar reached completion this year, and is now numbered Railcar 4. The body, constructed at a volunteer's home over the past several years, arrived onsite and the body and running gear were mated. Initially there were several bugs to be worked out, most of which stemmed from a bad distributor.

W&Q Coach 3: The "opportunity of a lifetime" presented itself in the spring, when the owners of Coach 3, Maine Narrow Gauge RR Museum in Portland, tendered sale of the coach to the WW&F. The coach had been leased for the past 10 years. Thanks to a generous private loan, the WW&F was able to purchase Coach 3 in June for $50,000. The first half of the loan was paid off by the end of 2010.

Locomotive 9: A new smokebox was constructed, and was riveted together. In the fall, drilling began to connect the smokebox to the boiler. Investigatory work on the forward frames found more cracks; eventually the frames and the cylinders were separated and more cracks found on the underside of the frames; this led to a decision to have new forward frames constructed. The cylinders were sent to a local machine shop for boring and sleeving.

Buildings: A "doghouse" was built on one corner of the Percival house basement, to allow for easier entry into the basement, which will eventually become a volunteer rest area.

Grounds: Tree clearing in the area of future parking and restrooms was substantially completed in the winter. In summer our contractor constructed the leach field for the restrooms, stumped out the future parking lot site, and began construction on an access road to WW&F right of way.

Crews spent July and August cutting brush along the right of way.

Record crowds: Our Victorian Christmas had records crowds, over 900 people over the whole day. Most trains went out with 4 cars.

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