W. W. & F. Museum Events in 2009

Track work: During the Spring work weekend, about 600 feet of track was put into service. The spring work weekend also saw the introduction of "Big Joe", a home-made tamping machine with four air-powered tampers attached to a frame, powered currently by a large rented air compressor. Big Joe made another appearance in the fall after additional changes were made, at which time 125 feet of new track was built and 200 feet of new track was put into service.

Total passenger-ready mainline track at the end of 2009: 12,800 feet, or 2.43 miles, plus another 200 feet of track beyond it, for 2.46 miles of track.

Rolling stock: Work on a new Model T railcar progressed during the year with the pressing of wheels on axles and tires on the wheels, work on the running gear of the car, and the beginning of the car's final assembly at the home of the volunteer who is building it.

Locomotive 9: Machining on the frame casting for #9 continued, as well as work on the forward frame, cylinder casting, and cab. The new boiler arrived mid-year and was set up at the entrance of Bay 1 in the car shop extension, where appliances began to be re-applied to it.

Buildings: The southward extension of the car shop was completed, with the finishing of the interior. A large lathe acquired in 2008 was placed at the southern end of the building and will be used for turning wheels among other things. Work continues on rewiring the entire shop building with period-style wiring and lights. The east was was rearranged during the spring work weekend by moving the windows from up high down to normal height. Additionally the eastern, southern, and western walls were all changed over to board and batten.

Grounds: During the winter, volunteers worked at Head Tide, clearing trees from the right of way in order to fulfill the terms of an easement over the property. Crews cleared out the tall grass on museum property in July and August.

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