W. W. & F. Museum Events in 2008

Track work: During the Spring work weekend, about 1100 feet of track was put into service. During the summer several Fridays were spent in intensive track maintenance. In September, a new load of rail arrived and another load of heavier rail was sent back to Kovalchick Salvage for partial credit. Another 1200 feet of track was laid in the fall.

Total passenger-ready mainline track at the end of 2008: 11,468 feet, or 2.17 miles, plus more than 1200 feet of track beyond it.

Rolling stock: A new handcar replica was started, similar to one constructed earlier. It was nearly completed at the end of the year.

Brakes were added to Coach 8 and flatcar 126. About a third of Coach 8's windows were replaced

Locomotive 9: #9's new rear frame members were constructed, and a new casting arrived which will connect the forward frame with the rear frame. The old smokebox was separated from the old boiler. The new boiler was nearly completed at the end of the year, with stay bolts and tubes being completed.

Railcar: Work began on the running gear portion of the railcar. Axles and wheels were turned on our lathe.

Right of Way: There was no right-of-way clearing this year, instead an area west of the newly-acquired Percival house was cleared, intended for parking; and north of the house, for future bathrooms, car storage, and round house.

Buildings: The Head Tide Water Tank was completed with the installation of a new spout and a new valve. The tank was used all summer.

Thanks to winning the 2008 H. Albert Webb Award, the Museum was able to begin an extension on the first three bays of the car shop. The building was extended south about 30 feet toward the road. A concrete floor was poured in September, the walls went up in October, and the roof was completed by the end of the year.

The machine shop was outfitted with new overhead lights in old-fashioned fixtures.

Grounds: Crews cleared out the tall grass in July and August.

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