W. W. & F. Museum Events in 2007

Track work: Track north of Alna Center and "the ladder" beyond yard limits was jacked and tamped during the Spring, bringing in-service track up to and just beyond a woods road.

570 feet of new track was constructed to just 60 feet beyond Milepost 7 (from Wiscasset). Crews worked for several weekends before the Autumn weekend preparing the rail for use, by cropping and drilling.

Total passenger-ready mainline track at the end of 2005: 10,369 feet or 1.96 miles, plus almost 1200 feet of untamped or unballasted track beyond it.

Rolling stock: W & Q Coach 3 received brakes during the year.

While not currently rolling stock, the Museum took possession of the larger of the two tanks from the former B & SR Railroad. This tank is rusted through in several places, so it will need attention before being put on the rails.

Steam: Steam was run nearly every weekend during the summer.

Construction on locomotive #9's new boiler at Boothbay Railway Village reached the half-way point during the year, when it underwent heat treatment, to de-stress the boiler, in Strasburg, PA. Meanwhile work on the frame continued, with the removal of the old boiler, inspection of the old forward frame, and ordering and assembly work on the new rear frame. A large gas weld on the frame, likely dating from its service on the Sandy River Railroad, was ground down, tested, and removed completely with a new section of frame welded in. Work also began to remove the smokebox from the old boiler

Right of Way: Clearing on roadbed north of the Top of the Mountain occured, down to a large washout on the right of way.

Buildings: The replica Head Tide Water Tank was nearly completed during the year, with the arrival of a new tank in January, its placement on its pedestal in mid-May, enclosure of the tank beginning in June, and the first servicing of a locomotive from the tank in August. At the end of the year, the flapper valve, delivery pipe and hardware in-between were being worked on.

Grounds: With the unforunate passing of Harry Percival's widow Clarissa in January, the Museum was given the opportunity to purchase the Percival house and property. Thanks to an early and amazingly large fund raiser, the Museum put $90,000 down on the property, taking a mortgage out on the remainder.

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