Work Car 1005 - Steel Work Flat

Workflat 1005

This little yellow car was donated by Museum member Russ St. John of Connecticut, who built it in the shops of the Connecticut Central Railroad. It is a handy little work flat that can be used to haul ties, tools, rail, etc. It is also light enough so that four strong people can lift it off of the rails with retractable handles. It originally was given number 1197, but was renumbered to 1005 in a 2012 work flat renumbering plan.

The car to the left of work flat 1005 is one of two green workflats, which were donated by Paine Enterprises Marine Railway. They are built from tipcar chassis, and are rugged and heavy. All these work flats work best when being hauled by Engine 51, as they all have link and pin couplings, and are really too short to be hauled safely by anything else.

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