Flatcar 126

WW&F Flatcar 126
Flatcar 126

Flatcar 126 was the first new flatcar built for the railroad since 1912. This flatcar was built with the metal work of former Edaville open coach 202, built in 1956 (using hardware which may have been from B&H RR flatcar #23) and purchased by the WW&F in 2005. The car is built similar to the last batch of 100-series flatcars (112 - 125) that the railroad had built, except beefier.

(Upon dismantling, #202's frame timbers were found too decayed to reuse for a new flatcar or for transferring to MNGRR Excursion Car 103. The seats and the floorboards were saved, some of the timbers have been put to use in a footbridge further up the right-of-way; the rest was scrapped).

On April 15, 2006, the flatcar made its maiden voyage. It has been used during ballasting operations.

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