Excursion 103

MNGRR Excursion Car 103
MNGRR Coach 103

MNGRR Excursion Car 103 was built in 1963 by the Edaville Railroad, as an open-air coach. It came to the Maine Narrow Gauge Museum in 2004 as part of the last shipment of equipment from Edaville, but it was not in good shape when purchased and had never been used there.

MNG leased the car to the WW&F in 2004, with stipulations that it would be returned to service. This car was rebuilt in 2005-2006, and put into service at the end of 2006.

Repairs for the car included the replacement of the outer sills, repair and reinforcement of the ends of several of the inner sills, replacement of many of the posts supporting the roof, and replacement of the wall around the lower portion of the car.

Below is a small montage of the car before it returned to service.
When it first arrived at the WW&F, 103 was not in the best of shape.
MNGRR Coach 103
103 under repair in 2006
MNGRR Coach 103

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