Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the ride?  And where does it take you?

The railroad is 2.6 miles long.  We don’t have a loop; the train takes you from our Sheepscot Station headquarters to the “top of the mountain” in woods of Alna.  When the train reaches the end it returns to Sheepscot.  The ride takes approximately 40 minutes.

When are you open?

Saturdays year round, and Sundays between Memorial and Columbus Weekends.  “Sheepscot Valley Service” train rides are weekends from May through October. Additional special events often occur in the winter months. For more specific information, please see Hours and Schedule.

How much does it cost to visit?

Admission to the museum, gift shop, railyard, etc. is free; reasonably-priced train tickets depend on age, etc.  Please see Prices.

Where is your station in Wiscasset, Waterville or Farmington?

We do not (currently) have a station in those locations.  The name comes from the original railroad which intended to connect Wiscasset to Farmington (via Waterville), but never did.  Today, all trains depart from 97 Cross Road, Alna, Maine. Please see our Directions page.

Is your railroad the one that goes to Brunswick and Rockland?

No, that’s the standard gauge former Maine Central Rockland Branch, and was operated by the Maine Eastern Railroad. Passenger service on this branch ended in 2015.


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