WW&F COVID-19 Pandemic Safety Plan

Preface:   In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the WW&F has adopted the following plan to safeguard those visiting and working at the Railway. When visiting, we request our guests extend us the same consideration by following these precautions and plans.
Our goal is to ensure visitors & personnel remain safe & healthy during their interactions at the Railway.

As such, visitors can expect the following actions from the Railway to ensure their safety.  The WW&F shall:

Minimize visitor-personnel contact by utilizing online sales & contactless transactions whenever possible.

Limit access to the Railway to fewer than 75 visitors at any given time and in any given space, including passenger trains.
Limit public access to select buildings, while closing select hands-on displays, railroad cars & small structures.

Sanitize & clean public spaces (including trains, platforms, and restrooms) between each departure.

Utilize open-air cars on most public trains.  Any closed-format cars will have windows & doors open to promote the free flow of air within the car.

Install signage to reinforce recommended cleanliness & social distancing practices throughout the Railway.

Monitor on-site personnel for symptoms & check volunteers for elevated temperature.  Require all public-facing staff to wear masks during their interactions with visitors.

Abide by all relevant state or federal CDC guidelines & adjust this Safety Plan as appropriate to meet their guidelines.

Provide a wide-range of activities and events that can be enjoyed safely by all visitors.

The WW&F expects visitors to commit to the following actions out of consideration for our personnel and fellow guests.  Visitors to the WW&F shall:

Reserve and purchase tickets for trains and related events online, in advance.

Contact the museum as soon as possible for a cancellation and full refund upon the display of symptoms and/or elevated temperature.

Wear a mask (or suitable face covering) when in enclosed railway cars, enclosed spaces, and other locations where social distancing is not possible. NOTE: The TSA requires the wearing of masks by all passengers (regardless of vaccination status) on all trains, including trains operating in historic/tourist service.

Evaluate their risk for contracting COVID-19 and the level of public interaction that is appropriate in their personal situation.

Expect to be transported back to a simpler time, and become engaged in rebuilding Maine history.

July 1st, 2020
(updated May 15, 2021)

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