The Narrow Gauge Railway Collaboration

On Friday, January 25, 2019, the WW&F Railway Museum and the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Company and Museum announced an unprecedented collaboration: the Narrow Gauge Railway Collection.

This exhibit is hosted at the WW&F Railway Museum.  It includes several pieces of equipment owned by the Maine Narrow Gauge (MNG), which has invested in infrastructure expansion at the WW&F.

The Collection includes:

  • Parlor Car Rangeley, the only two-foot gauge parlor car built in the United States, originally for the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes RR in 1901.  The car arrived at the WW&F July, 2019.

    Parlor car Rangeley on the WW&F,
  • SR & RL RR Combine 14, built 1903 as Franklin & Megantic RR #3.  The coach arrived July, 2019.
  • Bridgton & Saco River (B&SR) RR Coach 16 Mount Pleasant, built 1882.  The coach arrived July, 2019.
  • Monson RR Locomotive #3, a steam locomotive built 1913, and currently serviceable.  The locomotive arrived January, 2019.
  • B&SR RR Locomotive #8, a steam locomotive built 1924, not in service.
  • B&SR RR Caboose 32, constructed 1882.
  • B&SR RR Snowplow 2, built 1900.
  • B&SR RR Tank Car 14, built 1903.
  • SR & RL Coach 19, built 1890, and in need of restoration.  The coach is being stored on-site at the WW&F for the time being.  The coach arrived July, 2019.

The WW&F car barn is being expanded and improved in order to display these pieces of the Collection, and for certain archival displays.

The WW&F would also like to thank neighbor Maine Locomotive & Machine for their support and partnership in this Collaboration.

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